Marriage Guidance for Men

The Good Husband Project:

Use your masculine strengths to benefit your family

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Mission statement

Attacks on masculinity, together with cultural changes to gender roles, have left many men confused and disempowered in their roles as husbands and fathers. Loss of power breeds anger and avoidance, which commonly harm relationships. 

Men need a new approach to reclaim their power for the sake of families and society as a whole. The Good Husband project has set out to meet this need.

The premise

The arrival of a baby launches the forces of evolution, which make partners follow their ancient instincts and act in a more gender-typical way.

The project

As a husband and father, you can capitalize on your masculine strengths that are linked to four ancient roles (archetypes)King, Lover, Magician, and Warrior. The values and practices of these ancient roles are perfectly aligned with what women who raise children need from a partner: security, support, leadership, respect, and friendship.

The Good Husband project is based on my book The Good Husband. 

The four roles and their masculine strengths

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