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 On a radio show – All in The Mind (ABC, Radio national, Australia, 30.4.23) – the expert explains that there is no such a thing as male/female differences. 

Sana Qadar: And so then in order to move towards a more equal society, based on what we know about how the brain treats in-groups versus that out-groups, what’s the smartest or perhaps more effective way to go about that?

Dr Mark Williams: So to start off with, we have to eliminate the stereotypes that we’re teaching everybody. And so to eliminate the stereotypes, we need to start in schools and we need to stop treating boys and girls differently when they’re at school. We need to actually understand that these stereotypes are learnt and there’s nothing actually behind them. So there’s some beautiful studies recently done where they did meta analysis of all of the studies on the brains of males and females and showed there’s zero difference between a male brain and a female brain.

Sana Qadar: Right?

Dr Mark Williams: All those books you see about the female brain are nonsense because there is no difference between a male brain and a female brain. And all the real research shows that there isn’t one. So men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus.

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