Why I need you as a King

“As a mother, I feel in my body nearly everything our kids experience. I feel their pain, I feel their joy. They are like a part of me. I am as vulnerable as they are, as sad as they are, and as happy as they are. You will never understand the intensity of this experience. It is not that I have become some kind of moody and unpredictable person. I get emotional and distressed for a reason. I echo their experiences when they are anxious, needy, demanding, and unpredictable.

Their demand for my attention can feel totally overwhelming. You may ignore their crying, but I feel compelled to respond. Their chaos may become my own internal chaos. Fog, self-doubts, and confusion can overtake me. When I am not able to stop their pain, I feel lost, powerless, and inadequate. To help me in such moments of turmoil, I need you to remain centered and make sure our life is in order. I need you to support me by taking the lead to ensure a stable and safe environment for us. This will make me feel secure and calm.”