Why I need you as a Lover

“I am ‘feelings,’ I deeply feel the experiences of those that I love. I feel their joy and their pain. My sensitivity is both my strength and my weakness. Sometimes I cannot differentiate myself from the people I love. When my boundaries dissolve and I become emotional, I need you to be the strong man who can hold me during my vulnerability. This demonstrates your love and care for me. I want to fully trust that you are there when I need you and that you feel the same way about me. This is how I feel the love between us.

But if you turn away from me or turn against me, it goes straight to my heart and hurts me deeply. I feel misunderstood, alone, and even betrayed. I need to know that I am your first priority, that you are always there for me and that we are connected.

Please stay connected. Always. Communicate with me through any means available. Text messages and phone calls are always welcome. Your hugs are like good drugs.

And please let me know what you need as well! Never shut me out. I feel better when I know all about you because it enables me to support you. Please don’t interpret this as controlling, but as caring. I want us to bring out the best in each other so that we can be the family we dream to be.”