Why I need you as a Magician

“I can get very emotional at times and even volatile. I am not always sure why. It could be due to my hormones, the kids, general anxiety, or many other things that I take to heart. When my cup of distress is getting full, I need to release some of it. I may even offload it on you. Please don’t take it personally. I really don’t mean to upset you. I need your understanding and presence during these times. I am in a fog, overwhelmed by my feelings and my racing mind. If you react, you are sucked into my vortex. I need you to stay grounded and not buy into it. Stay close to me but keep some distance from my emotional mess. Your clarity and centeredness will help me get back to myself faster. 

Just hold me, don’t rush to fix me or problem-solve. I need you to listen patiently without judgment. And don’t identify with my pain. Stay clear of that. Allowing me the space to process my hurt and release it provides me with the greatest support. Just be that space for me, and I will do the rest. I need you in such moments to help me keep things in perspective.”