Activate the Magician to TRANSFORM REACTIVITY

“The Magician is the knower and he is the master of how things operate. He guides the process of transformation, both within and without… He is a seer.”

– from the book: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Moore and Gillette

Who is a Magician?

Magicians are people with the capacity to transform situations and influence both others and themselves. These are the scientists, researchers, philosophers, consultants, marketers, futurists, motivational speakers, and psychotherapists. Think of the wise sage, the shaman, and the guru. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, when medical scientists helped leaders make decisions, we could watch closely how the relationships between Magicians and Kings work. You can recognize the Magician within yourself each time you self-soothe or try to talk yourself out of anger or worry. Masculine traits linked to the Magician are stoic, oriented to data and science, dispationate, clever, problem-solver, rational, and non-reactive.

Click to listen to what she needs from you as a Magician

Having heard Her Voice you now understand that in your role as a Magician you can meet your wife’s need for clarity during times of emotional distress and confusion. Her feelings and motherly instincts often serve her as guides. Her top qualities as a mother are being sensitive and responsive to her babies every time they make a sound. She is naturally highly reactive. Further, regular changes in her body affect her moods and feelings. These changes may affect her judgment and her desires, and may result in blurry thinking, indecisiveness and self-doubts.

As a husband Magician your unique position is that you do not feel the pain of the children in the same way she does.  Your non-attached perspectives can transform reactivity.

Magician identity card

I am the King’s adviser.
I am wise,
I am self-aware,
I am a clear mind.
I am a Seer.

To transform, to invent, to research, to help the King make good decisions, to bring clarity in times of chaos.
What is happening here? What do I need to understand and see? How to transform this situation? Does it work?
I use my mind to see processes at a deeper level. I examine. I consult. I regulate emotions to keep a clear mind. I invent things. I change situations. I influence people. I act as a ‘bullshit detector’—I see through denial and exercise discernment.
Perspective, non-reactiveness, curiosity, mindfulness, self-awareness, learning, insight, critical thinking, deep understanding of processes, objective observations.
Calm, grounded presence, alertness of senses—observe, see, hear. Mindfulness—focused and clear mind to see reality for what it is. Respond with “I hear you…” or “I see you…”

Negative husband expressions of the Magician role


Emotionally detached problem-focused

Too cerebral

Lost in thought

(confession: this is an area my family has complained to me about…)









Dark side

Cult leader




(recall how the snake hypnotized Mowgli in The Jungle Book movie.) 

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