Mastering family leadership by creating order

In the realm of Order your wife needs you for a reason. Let me explain. 

She is naturally attuned to your kids and highly  responsive. This is her gift from nature.  but sometimes, her asset of sensitivity turns into a liability of reactivity.  Imagine soaking up all that emotional, impulsive  chaotic energy from your kids. She often ends up feeling the chaos within herself.   So, here’s how you can support – be the head of order. 

In case you are not that excited about such a role, let me offer you eight good reasons why creating order in your personal and  family life is a game-changer:

Before we dive in, a quick favor to ask. The terms “masculinity,” and “King,” often get a bad rap, and it’s a shame because many don’t get to hear the positive side of their masculinity. To help this project simply drop a comment or share this with your friends. I Appreciate it, so let’s get started!

Eight Reasons to Create Order

  1.   TRUST – Order means predictability, which builds trust and reliability in your family. When you know what to expect from each other, everyone can relax a bit more.
  2. HAPPY KIDS (AND WIFE)   – A secure and orderly environment leads to happier kids, and, well, a happy wife. No need to elaborate on the “happy wife, happy life” mantra. 
  3.   COMPETENCE   – Feeling in control and competent comes easier when things are running smoothly. Chaos, on the other hand, often leads to feelings of despair.
  4.   PRODUCTIVITY   – A well-ordered household is an efficient one. This principle isn’t just for large organizatios  and corporations; it works for families too.
  5. 5.   MAKING SENSE   – Order promotes rational decision-making and constructive problem-solving. Things just make more sense, allowing for reasonable solutions to issues.
  6.   FAIRNESS   – Consistency and fairness go hand-in-hand. By applying rules and consequences equally, you’ll foster a sense of fairness and cut down on anger and resentment.
  7. WISE JUDGMENT   – Decision-making based on a set of principles and procedures will minimize errors. Try ‘feelings’, ‘intuition’, or impression and you risk errors of judgment. Decisions of a wise king are rooted in a deep understanding of the orderly steps that lead to the best outcome.
  8.   INNER PEACE   – Finally, order brings inner peace. When we remain cnetered and loyal to our values and principles, to what is most important to us,  we save ourselves the battle with demons such as shame, fear, self doubts and guilt. Commitment to your own truth, to your crown, will not only guarantee stability but also peace of mind. 


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