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Relationship counselling online

Hagai Avisar, relationship counselling onlineHi Gentlemen, 

Allow Me to Be Your Relationship Coach.

Navigating relationships can be inherently messy and complex. Venturing into relationship counseling brings its own set of challenges, prompting questions like:

  • How does it function?
  • What objectives can it help you meet?
  • Who is adequately suited and skilled to assist you?
  • How do the therapists’ own biases and stereotypes influence their approach?

Notably, a significant number of relationship counselors are women, which naturally brings their gender-related experiences and the prevailing cultural attitudes into their practice. At times, this cultural backdrop appears to be conducting a witch-hunt against men, revealing an anti-masculinity bias within the field dedicated to supporting families. This observation motivated me to create The Good Husband program, designed to advocate for men and to help them articulate their mature masculinity in ways that enrich their family lives.

As your relationship coach, my role isn’t to unconditionally take your side. Rather, I strive to empathetically understand the unique challenges men face within modern families and today’s social environment. Often, when men exhibit aggression in relationships, it’s interpreted by many professionals as a bid for power and control. I see it differently. Men typically exhibit problematic behaviors when they feel powerless. They want to influence, not control, but they don’t know how. When their influence wanes, they experience frustration, leading to anger or withdrawal. The solution isn’t to label these actions as “toxic masculinity” but to equip men with the necessary relationship tools, enabling them to pursue their relationship goals with wisdom and effectiveness.

How I Can Support You Through Online Relationship Counseling:

I believe that the best approach to supporting faamily men like is by providing you with the following:

  1. Insights and Understanding: Gaining insights and understanding into what drives you and what holds you back is crucial. Our work will lay the foundation with self-understanding and self-acceptance, as guilt, shame, and self-doubt can diminish your voice within the family. We will focus on understanding your needs and feelings and learning constructive ways to express them. This is essential because you want your partner to understand and respond to your needs. By doing so, you will transition from feeling powerless and frustrated to feeling empowered. The goal is to influence your partner effectively and wisely, rather than insisting on being ‘right’.

  2. Knowledge about Relationships: Learning about romantic relationships and understanding how they impact both partners is key. Relationship education and coaching will be a significant part of our journey. You will discover how your attachment style influences your reactions. While reactivity in your marriage may seem beyond your control, intentional actions can strengthen your connection and friendship, leading to a more secure and resilient relationship.

  3. A Roadmap for Mature Masculinity: The Good Husband program is designed to teach you how to fulfill mature masculine roles as a husband and father, empowering you to support your family better. Many men have found it empowering to discover constructive ways to express their masculine strengths.

  4. Practical Tools: We will address directly marital conflicts, parenting challenges, and other relationship issues.  I offer state-of-the-art relationship tools and pragmatic solutions to problems, ensuring you have the means to effectively tackle the challenges you face.

By expressing more of your potential, your family will reap the benefits. It’s a situation where everyone wins.

The advantages of doing relationship counselling online

Online counselling for relationship issues is a highly versatile method. You can meet me together or alone, for short or long sessions. We can split for a brief private chat and get together again during a joint session. Sessions online turn out to be flexible and economical, yet just as effective as face-to-face in the clinic. 


50min session – AU$190
30min session – AU$120

Medicare Rebates are available for Australians only.  ($93/$65)

How you pay

I use Halaxy system to charge remotely and to process Medicare rebates. (Australia only).

The “price” below is the DEPOSIT only and it is non-refundable.