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Relationship counselling online

Hagai Avisar, relationship counselling onlineHi Gentlemen, 

Relationships can be messy and complex. And when you bring your hopes to relationship counselling, you discover that this territory can be just as hard to navigate: 

  • How does it work? 
  • What does it help couples? 
  • Who is suitable and capable enough to help you? 
  • What about the biases and stereotypes of the therapists themselves? 

The vast majority of relationship counsellors are female. It is natural for them to be affected by both their gender-related experiences and the cultural climate that at times looks like a witch-hunt against men. The anti-masculinity bias in the field of helping families inspired me to write The Good Husband program, which guides men to express their mature masculinity to benefit their families. 

In relationship counselling, I certainly do not automatically take your side. Instead, I adopt an empathic stance towards the struggle of men in modern families in the current social climate. When men act aggressively in a relationship, many professionals attribute this to an attempt to gain power and control. I see it differently. Men in fact behave badly when they feel powerless. They want to influence, not control, but they don’t know how. When they can’t influence they lose power and feel frustrated. As a result, they tend to either get angry or withdraw and avoid. The answer is not to accuse men of “toxic masculinity” but to empower them with relationship tools so they can go about their relationship goals wisely and effectively. 

How I can support you via online relationship counselling:

I believe that the best approach to supporting men like you in your relationship is to equip you with the following:

  1. Insights and perspectives on what motivates and what stops you. Self-understanding and self-acceptance are the basic elements of our work. Guilt, shame, and self-doubts only weaken your voice in the family. Understanding your needs and feelings and learning constructive ways to express them will be the focus of your counselling work. Why? Because you want your partner to get you and to respond to your needs! This is how you move from a sense of powerlessness and frustration to a sense of power. To influence your partner, you want to be effective and wise, not ‘right’. 

  2. Knowledge about romantic relationships and understanding why and how they affect partners. Relationship education and coaching are an important part of the process. You will learn about your attachment brain and how it affects your reactions. Reactivity in your marriage is not your choice. Yet, with the right intentions and actions you can strengthen your connection and friendship. As you both feel more secure, the relationship becomes more resilient. 

  3. A roadmap to better express yourself as a husband and father. The Good Husband program is aimed at teaching you how to operate mature masculine roles so that you can support your family. All men I have worked with have found it empowering to discover constructive ways to express their masculine strengths. 

  4. Practical tools to effectively address marital conflicts, parenting challenges, and other relationship problems. I never shy away from addressing head-on the issues clients cope with. I provide state-of-the-art relationship tools and down-to-earth solutions to problems. 

When you express more of your potential, your family benefits from it. It is a win-win.

The advantages of doing relationship counselling online

Online counselling for relationship issues is a highly versatile method. You can meet me together or alone, for short or long sessions. We can split for a brief private chat and get together again during a joint session. Sessions online turn out to be flexible and economical, yet just as effective as face-to-face in the clinic. 


50min session – AU$180
30min session – AU$110

Medicare Rebates are available for Australians only.  ($93/$65)

How you pay

I use Halaxy system to charge remotely and to process Medicare rebates. (Australia only).

The “price” below is the non-refundable AU$30 deposit.