Sex Matters: Advocating Clarity on Sex Differences in the Law

At long last! Courageous scholars, predominantly women, fearlessly tackle the truth about sex differences and their significance.


Sex Matters is a UK-based organization that deserves our attention and support.

Sex Matters for the good husband project

Their mission is to educate and empower people in the following ways:

  1. Make sure that laws and policies are clear about sex.
  2. Understand and use the law to protect everyone’s rights.
  3. Speak up and use clear language on sex matters. 

They accomplish these goals by: 

  • Lobbying for clarity on sex in law and institutions
  • Publishing research, guidance, and analysis
  • Supporting and mobilizing people to speak up
  • Holding organizations accountable.

Take a moment to read Sex Matter’s 4 principles. Can you agree with them?

  1. Reality – There are two sexes: female and male. People should not be afraid to say this.
  2. Clarity – Organizations and governments should be clear about the sexes and where sex matters.
  3. Human rights – Everybody’s human rights matter, including private life, freedom of beliefs, and speech.
  4. Democracy – A cohesive society depends on open debate and evidence-based policymaking.

I guess you are puzzled as to what the point is here… Isn’t that obvious?!

Not any more!

Large groups of passionate and loud people in the media and academia compromise these principles to accommodate their ideology and twisted views on the matters of sex and gender. Never underestimate the impact of this on your family life. Gender roles, and what you expect from each other, are contentious in many relationships. And when ideology and passion run high, reality and pragmatism are left behind.  

As this battle between wisdom and ideology impacts family life, children are often the main victims. 

If you care about families, you promote practical wisdom. This is what we do in The Good Husband project.

Click to go to the Sex Matters website.

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