The Good Husband - a Book that Can Save Your Marriage

How to use your masculinity to benefit your family

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About the Good Husband Book

If you feel confused and disempowered in your marriage and have the same arguments over and over, then The Good Husband Book is tailored for you. It shows you how to be at your best as a husband and father.

The book provides plenty of knowledge, insights, and strategies that are based on research, state-of-the-art marriage counseling, and decades of clinical experience.

Your masculinity is a responsibility NOT a “privilege”. It is a force for LOVE in your family; drawing upon it will inspire you.


Follow a solid roadmap that taps into your masculine strengths. Apply the tools and exercises to start living out the four blueprints (archetypes) of your masculine identity: King, Lover, Magician, and Warrior.

Get over thirty practical tools and solutions to problems such as lack of sex, dealing with an angry partner, facing threats of divorce, disempowering your fatherhood, and more.

Make your wife feel happier and closer to you by realizing what she really needs from you to raise young kids and then responding wisely to those needs.

Discover how you can get better responses to your important needs for purpose, appreciation, respect, and sex.

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Attacks on masculinity, together with cultural changes in gender roles, have left many men confused and disempowered in their roles as husbands and fathers. Loss of power breeds anger and avoidance, which commonly harm relationships. 

Men need a new approach to reclaim their power for the sake of families and society as a whole. The Good Husband project has set out to meet this need.  

This book provides men with a roadmap to capitalize on their constructive masculine strengths. Taking inspiration from four ancient roles (archetypes) – King, Lover, Magician, and Warrior – the book explains how men can apply qualities linked with each role to benefit their families. The values and practices of these ancient roles are perfectly aligned with what women who raise children need from a partner: security, support, leadership, respect, and friendship. 

The wealth of knowledge, profound insights, and practical tools that Avisar shares in this book are based on research, state-of-the-art marriage counseling, and decades of Avisar’s clinical experience working with families and individuals.

Hagai Avisar is an Israeli psychologist and couples therapist currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

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About the Author

I am an Israeli-born psychologist and couples therapist who has been in practice since 1987. I moved from Israel to Melbourne, with my Aussie wife and two kids in 1997.

With my passion to support young families, I have specialized over the years in helping couples with their relationship issues. As an enthusiastic educator and therapist, I provide unique perspectives and effective solutions through counseling and workshops.

In recent years I have developed an interest in helping men with their relationships. I noticed an ever-increasing gap between the high expectations from family men and the poor support and empathy they receive from society. In response to this gap, I published in 2022 my book The Good Husband, in which I offer married men guidance on how to use their masculine strengths to benefit their families.

Over the years I have initiated and supported various social projects for parents and families. As an adoptive parent, I set up a network for adoptive families who raise children of African origin. 

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