Why are family men struggling in today’s world and what can we do about it?

Why are family men struggling in today’s world and what we can do about it? Discover insightful perspectives about the collective problems faced by men in this era from Richard Reeves in the video below: A Scholar Who Cares About Boys and Men.


Richard Reeves courageously tackled the pressing issue of modern masculinity in this interview and in his book ‘Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It.’ Reeves understood the risks but believed that addressing real problems straightforwardly is paramount in preventing their exploitation. In a world where responsible action is vital, he reminds us that we can simultaneously recognize struggles faced by both boys and men, and girls and women.

As a platform dedicated to assisting men in navigating marriage and family life, we applaud Richard Reeves’ unwavering commitment. By acknowledging the problems faced by both genders, he opens the door to a more empathetic understanding, while providing practical solutions to empower men in playing their unique roles and utilize their masculine strengths for the betterment of their families.

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