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Discover the model that I describe in my book The Good Husband

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What is the workshop about?

This workshop will give you a taster of what you can expect from my book and program: The Good Husband: how to use your masculine strengths to benefit your family

The program will offer you tools and perspectives that can save your marriage! Yes, I mean it, because I have seen enough couples to know what works and what doesn’t. You will be surprised to discover how small changes in your actions can go a long way towards making a big difference in your relationship.

When your masculinity is under attack, and you get confused about your role in your family, you need a new roadmap to boost your clarity and competence in what you do. The program sets out to meet this need. 

The model I provide you in my program will show you how to use ancient masculine roles (archetypes) to respond to your wife’s needs and vulnerabilities associated with raising young children.

As a King, you will respond to her need for security by creating order and stability.

As a Lover, you will respond to her need for connection by cultivating physical and emotional closeness.

As a Magician, you will respond to her need for clarity and calmness by transforming emotional reactivity.

As a Warrior, you will respond to her need for safety and boundaries by commanding respect towards her and yourself.

Wonder how exactly to do that?

This program offers you many tools and practices to illustrate exactly how you can operate within each of these roles. And the wisdom continues to grow!

Is this intro workshop for you?

This workshop is for you if you raise young children with your partner and are curious to discover the model of The Good Husband.

If you like what you hear, you should join the program.

The Good Husband program

Meet online with a small group (up to ten!) of like-minded men who raise young families. Get tools that will

  • strengthen your relationship and make you feel closer to your partner
  • provide you with clarity and support for your role as a husband and father
  • teach you how to make your family more responsive to you 
  • replace dysfunctional habits that often upset your partner (e.g., avoidance, anger)

I will provide more details in our intro workshop. But if you wish to express interest earlier and guarantee a seat in the small group, feel free to do so via the Contact page. 

Not quite ready?

Join the mailing list. You will get more tools to boost your role, along with info about upcoming online events. 

Why I created The Good Husband project

As a psychologist and couples therapist over the past 30 years, I have witnessed countless men who struggle with relationship issues that leave them feeling powerless and inadequate. When men feel a loss of power, they tend to get angry or shut down and avoid. This causes their partners to feel even more frustrated and angry, to which men react with further avoidance. As the cycle worsens, men withdraw quietly into their grief and shame. They resign to a sense of helplessness and defeat. Some may develop symptoms of depression and anxiety that they often mask through outward displays of anger. To deal with their hurt, they may escape into alcohol, drugs, pornography, or workaholism. 

These men deserve our support, but instead, their masculinity is regularly tarnished in the media; they are portrayed as victimizers and women as victims. There is a clear gender gap in empathy and advocacy. Family men need encouragement and guidance, not more shaming and blaming. The vast majority of family men want to be at their best for their family! To successfully do this, they need our moral and practical support.

About 40% of marriages end within 10 years, resulting in much suffering for children, parents, and grandparents. Most of these breakups are initiated by women, leaving men often feeling puzzled, shocked, and heartbroken. Sadly, in too many cases the father-child relationship is also harmed.

We need to urgently address this social trend and help men restore their power in their families. This is what I set out to achieve with The Good Husband project. 

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7:00 – 7:30PM  
Discover the main ideas in the model of The Good Husband and how they can serve you and your family.
7:30 – 8PM 

We will demonstrate how to apply the model to any issues that you raise.

Prepare your questions to ask me “what can I do to deal with…”


Tuesday 7 March, 2023,  7:00 – 8:00PM 

a good father with son